Letter from a Mother to her Martyred Son

Stumbled upon this letter from a mother to her martyred son in Syria. Translated it into English below…

رسالة من أم لإبنها الشهيد..يا أمي لو تعرف كيف صار حالنا من بعدك ياحبيبي
يا أمي بعرف أنك مامتت لأنو هيك صارو يقولو رفقاتك وهنن حاملينك على كتافون
بتعرف شو يا أمي ؟
أبوك ماعاد يقلك ليش اتأخرت وحتى ماعندو مشكلة تدخن سكاير قدامو.. ايه يا أمي صدقني وغلاوتك عندي ماعندو مشكلة لأنو انكسر على غيابك ياعمري..
المرة الماضية نزل هو وعمك عالسوق وكبرو صورتك وعلقناها مكان صورة جدك.. تقبر قلبي على هل شبوبية ماأحلاها..
يا أمي في وحدة حلوة اجت لعنا عل بيت وقالت أنو كنتو تحبو بعضكون , ضميتا وصرنا نبكي نحنا التنين..
بس قلتلا وقلت لكل الناس أنو ابني يمكن يتأخر بس رح يرجع.. مو هيك يا أمي ؟
بعدين بس ترجع رح أعملك كل الأكلات اللي بتحبا.. بتتذكر كيف وقت بكون عم اطبخ تروح تاكل من الأكل وهو عل نار وكنت قلك شيل ايدك واستنا لحتى يصير ويجي أبوك..
يا أمي كل يوم عم أعمل غرفتك متل ماكنت تتركا مشان ارجع رتبا..
ياأمي لاتزعل مني بس عم ضم وشم تيابك وأبكي.. أبكي.. أبكي.. بس والله وقت اللي بتخيلك أنك صرت جنبي عم أمسح دموعي بسرعة قبل ماتشوفني يا تقبرني..
يا أمي الله يرضى عليك لاتتأخر عم استناك..
نسيت قلك شغلة رح تفرحك من كم يوم سمعت من ولاد خالتك أنو فاز برشلونة بس على مين والله مابعرف بس اللي فهمتو أنو مباراة مهمة..
بدك شي ياعيون أمك.. انتبه على حالك ياحبيبي.. بعرف أنك لسه موجود لأنو وعدتني ماتتركني.. ومتأكدة أنك رح ترحع بيوم من الأيام وتدق الباب..
( أمك )
يا يمّا بتوب جديد
زفيني جيتك شهيد
يا يمّا
حبيبي الشهيد ابو اليزن أحمد الصالح
المجد للشهيد و الحرية لسوريا

Oh son, if only you knew how our situation has become after you left us my love.
Son, I know you didn’t die, because that’s what your friends were chanting as they carried your body on their shoulders. You know what?
Your father will stop asking you why you are late and he has no problem with you smoking in front of him! Yes my son. Believe me, and you are valuable to me, he doesn’t mind what you do anymore. He is broken by your absence my love.
The other day, your uncle and father went to the market and enlarged your photo, and we hanged it where your grandfathers photo used to be. What a handsome young man you are…. I don’t know what I would do without you.
My son, a beautiful girl came to our home the other day and said that you two loved each other. I hugged her and we started crying together…
But I told her, and I told all the people, that my son might be a little late, but he will be back. You will be back, right?
And when you’re back, I’m going to cook you all the foods that you love. Remember when I used to be cooking, you would go eat from the food while it was still on the stove? I would always tell you to leave the food alone until it is done and your father arrives…
My son, I tidy up your bedroom every single day as if you never left, just like before.
My son, please don’t be upset from me, but every day I hug and hold your clothes tightly in my arms. I smell them and weep… and weep. But I swear, when I imagine that you are back next to me, I wipe my tears quickly so you don’t see them.
My son please don’t be late, I’m waiting for you…
I forgot to tell you something that will make you cheer up. A few days ago, I heard from your cousins that Barcelona won a game, but I can’t remember with who.
Do you need anything my sweetheart? Take care of yourself my son…. I know you are still here because you promised you would never leave me…. and I’m sure that one day you will come back and knock on our door.Your mother.

May God have mercy on our martyrs and give their families patience.


2 thoughts on “Letter from a Mother to her Martyred Son

  1. Mother of a martyred son,

    Your son is handsome and must have been brave. The love you expressed for him pierces my heart. Things aren’t always what they were yesterday. May the space your son stood strong within be transformed by his action.

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