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The Seven Gates to Damascus

Old Damascus has seven extant city gates, with the oldest dating back to the Roman period.  1) Bab Al-Faradis – “The Gate of Paradise” (باب الفراديس). Known commonly as Bab Al-Amara, this gate was given its name because of its proximity to numerous water sources and lush gardens. Government plans to demolish parts of this historic … Continue reading

Wounded Syrians Kicked Out Of Lebanese Hospital

[From the Office of Syrian Refugee Affairs in Lebanon, July 14, 2013] A number of wounded Syrians being treated at Miniyeh Hospital in northern Lebanon were kicked to the curb on Sunday following a dispute between the hospital’s partners, Dr. Amer Ulm Al-Deen and Marwan Al-Kalal. It’s still not clear what caused the argument, but … Continue reading

Letter from a Mother to her Martyred Son

Stumbled upon this letter from a mother to her martyred son in Syria. Translated it into English below… رسالة من أم لإبنها الشهيد..يا أمي لو تعرف كيف صار حالنا من بعدك ياحبيبي يا أمي بعرف أنك مامتت لأنو هيك صارو يقولو رفقاتك وهنن حاملينك على كتافون بتعرف شو يا أمي ؟ أبوك ماعاد يقلك ليش … Continue reading


I usually don’t lose much sleep over Syria. Sure, it’s horrible stuff but I have learned to zone it out when I need to. I wasn’t able to do so yesterday. I haven’t slept, because every time I close my eyes all I see are young angel-like children seeing how horrible this world we live … Continue reading